Snow Guard Protection

Investing in a Snow Guard for Your Home is the Right Ting to Do for Home and Family

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What is a snow guard?

Let's ask Wikipedia:


A Snow Guard is a device used to retain snow and ice from falling from one surface to a lower one; in contemporary usage they are installed to prevent snow/ice pack from avalanching and damaging people, plants, and property below. They are most commonly installed in multiples or rows on a structure's roof surface, as a form of avalanche control. Snow Guards are installed with a specific quantity and pattern based on the shape, size and pitch of the roof to provide the most uniform system of retention possible.

Our snow guards are designed to prevent mass quantities of snow and ice from avalanching off of metal roof , causing extensive damage to your houseand pedestrians below. We'll help you to decide which product will best suit your unique project based on a variety of factors such as roof type, and budget.

Gothic Snow Guard Aluminum

This snow guard is for slate roofs (Heavy Duty Ornamental). A larger snow guard with gothic styling. Insert theslotted bar under your slate, nail it down, and pull.

Clear Polycarbonate Structural Rib

These snow guards are manufactured in  polycarbonate with U.V. stabilizers. 3-to-1 base to blade ratio add to the strength and peel adhesion of the device. 

Stainless Steel Metal Snow Guard

The Snow Defender 4500 is a stainless steel metal snow guard which aids in protecting people, vehicles and landscaping when snow and ice fall from metal roofs

Galvanized Iron Snow Guard For Corrugated Metal Roofs

Designed to fit 1-1/4" or 2-1/2" rounded corrugation. Use neoprene washer screws to fasten. All roof penetrations should be sealed with adhesive sealant (SB-190). It fits on the upper portion of the corrugation.


Tips for Dealing With Snow Guards and Roofing Contractors

If you need to get your roof, gutter, or snow guards worked on, you need to know a few things first. You need to realize what is required to hold a project together. This is your only roof, it’s important! You must look at this informative article for many useful roofing tips.

Faulty shingles are the most common cause of a leaking roof, but structural problemscan be to blame. Watercan get into many areas which are rotting. Just checking the roof is not enough. Consider all the other possible places that water could get in in order that you end the trouble completely.

When a leak is to get fixed, you have to be positive that the task is carried out correctly the very first time. The 1st spot will not be all there is in need of repair. Check the whole roof to be able to see if there are more things that need to be cared for.

Make sure you’re safely securedwhenever you should continue the roof. It’s vital that you keep this in mind since it is really simple to slip and fall. So many people are hurt or killed by falling roofs each year.

Whenever you employ a roofing contractor , you must look at their background references. Whenever you check out these references, follow up about them by contacting them so you can inquire further their opinionsabout the contractor’s work. Also, take some time to operate a vehicle with the addresses. You can have a look at the task the contractor is capable of.

If you are pressured with a salesman, do not accept to anything and show him for the door. This type of salesman can do what they must do to convince you that you just cannot live without anything they are offering. It could turn out costing you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars unless you put an end on their pitch.

Due diligence is essential when trying to employ a roofing company. It’s vital that you don’t simply hire the one with the lowest bid. Look hard on the records and workmanship of varied roofing contractors in your region. You could possibly utilize internet resourcesor seek recommendations from those you know and trust.

Don’t attempt to produce a temporary fix for the roof. This will cause damage down the road which is not the most economical thing for you to do.  A good thing is to look after any issue as fast as you can to ensure that the issue does not escalte to a more severe problem.

If you have your contractors narrowed down, question them concerning the warranties they supply. You desire a warranty of at the very least 3 years, but the longer the warranty the better. You should have defective supplies covered and poor workmanship, too. Don’t forget to obtain copies of the warranty that you are offered.

Be sure whatever roofer you employ offers the proper licence to complete the job. If you don’t what what where you are requires, don’t simply believe precisely what the roofer tells you. 

Contact your local building department and request them what is needed or visit this website to purchase copper sheeting for use in installing snow guards.